The online gambling industry has been gaining steam in recent years. But there is still a struggle for many first-time players to find a casino that will welcome them with open arms. And this is because of the laws in the United States that set the limit on the age of punters allowed to engage in online gambling.

Online Gambling Laws

Technically speaking, gambling is legal in the country but heavily regulated. This means there are a lot of government rules in place to ensure that each casino operates correctly. Every state has its own set of rules and regulations, so online casinos are bound to comply with them.

In many states, players are required to be at least 21 years old to start betting. In others, casinos welcome punters as young as 18. Most states also regulate the minimum age allowed to wager in specific casino features and activities.

In Alabama, players allowed in casinos must be 21. Meanwhile, the minimum age for bingo and horse racing is 18. To enter poker rooms, one must be at least 19. On the other hand, the minimum age for all forms of gambling in Washington, DC is 18, according to

18+ Online Casinos

For years, many states have been requiring casinos to only allow players aged 21 and above in line with the alcohol regulation laws. But recently, many places have started to somehow shift their approach with the times by accepting punters at least 18 years of age.

Alongside the leniency shown toward the younger market came the rise of 18+ Online Casinos. This breed of online gambling sites makes it possible for people below 21 but above 17 to enjoy the authentic gambling experience. Check out the Top 18+ Online Casinos we strongly recommend to everyone.

Interestingly, since the rules and regulations covering gambling in the states vary, there is a need to know which places allow 18+ Online Casinos to operate. Learn about the locations that enable the operations of such casinos in our detailed report about 18+ online gambling sites.

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