There is no denying that the world is shifting into a more mobile-centric society as more and more mobile devices get released on the regular. Nowadays, it’s pretty common to see people getting engrossed with their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in public spaces. Due to the ubiquity of mobile devices, some online gambling operators have invested in having mobile app versions of their casinos.

It is one thing to have a gambling platform optimized for mobile browsers, it’s another to have a standalone mobile app. The former basically grants users access to the full website through a browser, without limitation to the gaming titles they can play from the casino library. The latter gives a more seamless experience designed for mobile devices.

The number of Android apps is growing regularly. The Google Play store already recorded about 3.48 million apps as of 2021. The figure likely witnessed a significant jump in a span of months since Google Play is considered the biggest app store. Some online casinos saw the potential in this market and decided to come up with their own Android apps.

Most US Online Casinos optimized their sites for mobile browsing. So when visitors head to their platforms, they are redirected to the mobile version of the casinos. While this is a good thing for the most part, there are also downsides to it. Since players are accessing the casino via a browser, the user experience is limited to the features and technologies used by that browser.

Having a standalone Android app has many perks. One of them is gaining access to the full mobile experience. This means the entire screen of the mobile device gets utilized whenever the app is running. Another advantage is the selection of games available. When players access the mobile browser version, they can easily get overwhelmed by the full suite with hundreds of titles. On the other hand, the Android app only offers a limited number of games curated based on their quality.

Below are three online gambling sites that came out with Android apps for their casinos. Their apps are simple, convenient, and easy to navigate. The apps come with exclusive bonuses and perks that can be redeemed after installation.