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If you haven’t tried playing mobile poker yet, then you are definitely missing out on the fun and action. It’s been years now since mobile gaming took over the world. Smartphones, tablets, and more advanced digital devices can now be used to access different games on the internet, including casino games.

Desktop gaming still exists. But it’s not for everyone at this point. Desktop computers require more power and space. Plus, you can’t really bring your computer with you all the time. Almost everyone does everything on their mobile devices these days. Hence, it’s just right for modern casinos to take advantage of this and offer mobile gaming.

Bovada Online Poker

While Bovada Casino’s poker service is best experienced on a powerful desktop or laptop, it’s now possible for players to access it using their phones or tablets. The casino has made big technological leaps in recent years, allowing its platform to be suitable for both desktop and mobile gaming. If you are a newbie to Bovada and you want to access its online poker, read on to learn the things you need to get started.

Bovada Casino’s online poker service is one click away. You don’t need to download or install software to enjoy the game. The casino is accessible via any mobile browser, enabling you to log into your account while on the go. Take note that it’s not just the poker rooms that are accessible here. Bovada has enabled players to access its full menu of games through mobile browsing.

Since you came here looking for a way to access and play Bovada’s mobile poker, chances are you are reading this via a smartphone, tablet, or what have you. Mobile poker is quite handy for players like you who want action anywhere, everywhere. Accessing it only takes a few seconds. If you already have a Bovada account, simply log into it through any browser available on your mobile phone.


How to Play Bovada’s Online Poker

Before you can even play Bovada’s online poker, you need to have a casino account first. Signing up is free. Just be sure that the casino is legally accessible in your area. If you still don’t have one, just fill out this simple form and get approved to become a member and start playing right away.

Bovada’s mobile casino gives players two gaming options: Play Money and Real Money. The former will let you experience the games available on the platform without having to spend a single cent. But then again, this would not yield to tangible rewards and prices. What you will get from this is just experience and a bit of enjoyment.

As a first-time player, we recommend trying the Play Money option first. Upon signing up, you are given 1,000 play chips to use in the poker rooms. When your balance drops below 500, you can request more for free. Use this mode to your advantage by becoming familiar with how the game works and how the site operates. This will also show you if your mobile device is capable of handling Bovada’s online poker.

Once you are satisfied with the gaming experience, you may now proceed to the Real Money option. This is the more rewarding mode between the two since you get to win tangible prizes here. But first, you need to set up your deposit and withdrawal methods. Bovada has a solid banking system. If you need to learn more about how banking transactions are handled by the site, check out our review of Bovada’s deposit and withdrawal options.

Finally, it is important to note that mobile gaming has limitations compared to the desktop experience. For one, you are limited to one table when playing mobile poker at Bovada Casino. Multi-tabling is only available via desktop or laptop. Nonetheless, Bovada offers an equal opportunity to win prizes both on desktop and mobile.