• What are virtual sports?
  • How to play virtual sports?
  • What are the different types of bets?

As a well-rounded online gambling platform, Bovada does not only offer casino games but also a slew of poker rooms, horse races, and sports betting, including virtual sports.

Many punters are also sports enthusiasts. But when it’s not the sports season, they are left with nothing to enjoy than just the standard casino games and services. Fortunately, sites like Bovada Casino offers virtual sports.

What Are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are designed to recreate the experience of being at an actual sports event. In the iGaming industry, this technology enables players to place their bets on computer-simulated sports games with random results.

From camel racing to football, online casinos have been serving their clients with nonstop action thanks to virtual sports. And this is very evident at Bovada Casino since it allows its members to enjoy the best experience of digital sporting events.

How To Play Virtual Sports At Bovada?

The first thing to do is to access the feature by clicking Sports at the tp of the web page before choosing All Sports from the horizontal menu.

The next step is to locate the Virtual Sports entry from the list and select a match, racing or numbers game from the left-hand menu displayed on the screen.

A window where you can place your bets will load. You may choose between Single, Combi, or System bet. There is also the option called Spit Column that will split your bets between more than one event.

When it’s time, remove selections by clicking the trash icon. If you want to check your open bet/s, simply click My Bets on the bet slip. This will show you the list of your active bets.

What Are The Different Types Of Bets?

  • Single – This bet lets you wager on one selection from a virtual event. The stake will be multiplied by the odds to calculate the return.
  • Combi – This lets you bet on two or more selections from different sports events. The prices for all selections are multiplied and the total stake amount is equal to the amount or bet placed.
  • System – This bet is good for three or more selections from different events. Bet how many selections must be correct to win. The more correct selections, the higher the return.
  • Split Column – This bet is good for three or more selections where at least two selections are made from the same event. At least 1 selection from each event must be correct to win. As per usual, the more correct selections, the higher the return.