Bovada Casino has an interesting event on its site that is open to all players, both new and old. Join Crypto Miner and get a chance to win a share of the $5,000 crypto prizes. The event renews every month, so your chances of winning the top prize worth $1,000 is unlimited during the event period.

How to Play Crypto Miner

Becoming part of the event is easy. Just create a Bovada account if you haven’t yet and join Crypto Miner on the site. The event runs from January until December 2023, so you have 12 tries to win any of the crypto prizes that are up for grabs.

After every game, be sure to submit your score. You can play as many times as you like because only the highest score you make will count. Once you are done, simply wait for the results announced every month before the next monthly leaderboard starts counting. Only those who finish in the top 50 will reap rewards.

Below is the breakdown of the positions and prizes in store.


Crypto Miner Terms & Conditions

Only players 18 years of age and above are allowed to join Bovada Casino. Hence, the same rule applies to those who want to play Crypto Miner. Each player is only allowed one entry per month. However, everyone is allowed to play and submit multiple scores every month. The system will only get the highest score anyway.

Since the prizes are in crypto, participants must have an active Bovada account with at least 1 deposit with crypto. This way the system won’t have any problem processing the rewards and sending to the accounts of the winners. The prizes are deposited within 7 days after the monthly event ends. Take note that the winners are selected and announced on the last day of each month.

Any display names deemed inappropriate or offensive by the system will be automatically disqualified from the event. If fraud, foul play, and manipulation of rules, or abuse of promotion is detected, the player’s account will be suspended from current and future promotions and events on the site.

Bovada Casino always has something new for its players to enjoy. If you are looking for an online casino event that gives rewards for just playing, then you certainly need to check out Bovada’s Crypto Miner.