• Bovada’s sports betting platform
  • Different UFC betting options
  • How to start betting at Bovada?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has only been around for a little over 25 years, but it has undeniably become one of the most in-demand platforms for mixed-martial arts. If you are a big fan of this full-contact combat sport, you might find it interesting to know that you can also make big money while watching the matches.

Bovada Casino has a premium sportsbook that supports UFC betting. But before you jump on the action and start placing bets, you first need to know about the different wagers on the UFC/MMA odds board available on the online casino.

UFC Moneyline Odds

There are no point spreads in UFC betting unlike team sports such as football or basketball. To win a bet you just have to choose a fighter and hope for his victory. The moneyline on Bovada’s sportsbook will tell you how much money you could win if you picked the right winner. Please note that the site uses the American odds format when referring to the UFC betting lines.

UFC Total Rounds Odds

More important matches in the UFC history come with different proposition betting options at Bovada. Prop bets basically give players other options to bet on aside from who will win the fight. The most popular option is Total Rounds betting, which will ask players to wager on Over or Under a certain number of rounds. This betting option can help you gain more from a single match.

UFC Method of Victory Odds

Another interesting betting option is the Method of Victory prop. This will ask you how you think the winning fighter will get the job done. There are many options to choose from under this category, and you can even bet on the matching ending in a draw. Instead of American odds, Bovada uses the fractional adds format for many of the multiple-choice prop bets during big events.

UFC Fight Length Odds

If you feel like going Nostradamus before placing a bet, you may want to consider this betting option. For this one, you need to predict how the fighter will get it done in a specific round or via a decision. Payout will depend on how big the match is.

UFC Parlay Odds

Bovada Casino also allows betting on several UFC fights from one card at the same time. If you get all of them right, your prize will be multiplied instead of added. Very lucky players claim massive rewards because of this. The more fights you put in your parlay, the bigger will be the reward. However, just one wrong pick and you can lose the entire bet.

Start Betting at Bovada

Now that you know the different betting options, you may now start your Bovada Sportsbook UFC betting experience. Head to the casino’s Sports page and look for UFC/MMA under the events banner. The bet slip is found on the right side of the page, while all of the events are listed on the left. Be sure to check the odds before placing your bets.