Game Information

  • Name: Cubee
  • Reels: 0
  • Paylines: 0
  • Progressive: No

Cubee is a perky video slot that does not come with traditional reels and paylines. It is more of an adventure game with unique features and exciting prizes. The game is one of the few that break the mold of typical RTG-produced online slots. 


To be honest, Cubee has a very childish and kooky design. But that is just the beauty of it. The wacky theme translates to long hours of entertainment, especially since the main character named Cubee has an undeniable charm that complements the lively environment of the game.

The playfulness of Cubee is very evident in the facial expressions of the different characters in the game. The color scheme contributes to its lively atmosphere. It also helps that the background music is very energetic. The graphics and animations are also superb and top-notch.


Cubee is an adventure game through and through. You will find yourself traveling through different eras, from Stone Age to the Viking Age, as you work your way up to the final level. Along the way, you will be pitted against different monsters and energy balls that are instrumental to passing the mission.

The game has very little resemblance to other slot machines. The premise of this time travel game is actually very simple. You are tasked to help Cubee rescue the Stone Age, Piracy Age, and Viking Age from the malicious monster Rocco and his minions before returning safely to Cubeeland.

Cubee is divided into different levels, and each level has specific monsters to fight and energy balls to gain. Any combination of defeated monsters and energy balls will help determine the payout. Cubee also hands out free spins and multipliers to show his appreciation for all your help.


Since Cubee is not the typical online slot, it does not come with reels and paylines. However, you will still be required to hit a Spin button to play the game. Each time you click the button, a portal will eject a set of 8 floating symbols—a combination of monsters, weapons, and energy balls.

Cubee consumes the symbols, and his strength grows with every energy ball consumed. The game awards a payout for at least 3 beaten monsters. Defeating the main villain, Rocco, will unlock the next era or level. Aside from winning cash prizes, beating the enemies can also trigger free games and multipliers.