Game Information

  • Name: Fish Catch
  • Reels: 0
  • Paylines: 0
  • Progressive: No

Fish Catch is a unique offering from RealTime Gaming because it emulates the hobby of fishing, but instead of bringing home fish, players get to collect cash prizes. It is very different from the traditional RTG slot machines, for it does not have reels, paylines, and winning combinations.


Based on its name alone, it’s clear that Fish Catch is a marine-themed slot machine. Interestingly, it does not come with the standard features of online slots. It also does not follow their usual mechanics. Instead of having reels, it is more of a shooting game.

The visual fidelity is out of this world. The animations are also stellar since they help transport players into an authentic shooting game experience. The background sound is lively and does not get annoying after listening for a long time. However, if you are used to the traditional slot machine, Fish Catch may not be your cup of tea.


Since RTG’s Fish Catch is not the typical slot machine, players must take a break from spinning reels when they enter the game. Instead of waiting for specific symbols to show up after a spin, players now have full control of the game’s outcome.

To play the game, players must shoot at over 20 fish species and a mermaid. Successful strikes will secure prizes, multipliers, and so much more. What makes Fish Catch even more exciting is how it can be played with up to 3 friends. It truly is a slot title like no other.

The game is set in the bottom of the sea. There is a map at the top left where players can select their preferred fishing location. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously and even engage in live chat, making it an interactive slot. Fish Catch is compatible with mobile devices, so it feels like playing an authentic mobile game.


Though there are no reels in this game, players should still look out for the symbols that appear, including mermaids, clown fish, squid, swordfish, and many more. There are six types of guns players can use to shoot the items floating around.

Catching the mermaid will trigger the Mermaid’s Luck bonus round, where players need to spin the roulette wheel for an instant cash prize. The wheel features different multipliers that will be applied to the active bet amount. Mermaid’s Luck is the most lucrative aspect of the game since players can land any of the 5 multipliers between 78x and 250x whenever they spin the wheel.