• Setting up an account
  • Visiting the cashier
  • Choosing a deposit method
  • Depositing casino funds

So you have finally created a casino account. Now what? Well, the first official step to your online gambling journey is to make a deposit since this will enable you to finally play casino games and place bets for real money prizes. Unbeknownst to most first-time players, depositing funds to a casino account could also be tricky. There are so many elements you need to consider before successfully loading your account with enough money to enjoy a full-on gaming session. If you are just as clueless as most neophyte players out there, we’re here to assure you that you have come to the right place. Online Casino Doctor provides in-depth guides for all online gambling concerns.

Setting Up An Account

Before you can even deposit funds to your account, you need to have an account. And this entails making one upon registering for a membership. But first, you should do your due diligence by making a background check on your prospective casino. Be sure that the one you have chosen has support for the deposit method that you prefer or have access to. One of the biggest mistakes newbie players make is signing up at a casino that does not support the banking modes available in their region. Hence, it is always important to check if the gambling site you are eager to be a part of has the banking modes that are accessible to you.

Online casinos follow a very strict verification process that requires players to provide proof of their identity and permanent address. You need to prepare the necessary documents to pass this process and be allowed to sign up for a membership. The four essential things that you need to present to your casino’s cashier when signing up are listed below. Prepare them beforehand, so you won’t encounter any issues while creating your account.

  • Valid ID/s or passport
  • Credit card, e-wallet, or other payment solutions
  • Any proof of permanent address
  • Active email address for verification

As part of the registration, you will be asked to select the banking modes of your choice. This is when you will decide which deposit method you will use to fund your account. So far, credit cards are the most-favored banking options by first-time players. This is mostly due to the ubiquity of credit cards. For years, Visa Casinos and Mastercard Casinos have been leading the iGaming industry. Many players opt to join them because of the convenience they extend to credit card users.

Visiting The Cashier

The cashier is the place to be when you want to do financial transactions with your casino. This section of the gambling site will tell you how much money you have left in your account and all necessary information regarding your financials. All online casinos present two different boxes or tabs in their cashier. The first one is for deposit methods, while the second one is for withdrawal methods. Of course, you won’t be able to withdraw anything if you haven’t funded your account and played a game or two using the money you reloaded. Hence, choosing a deposit method that meets your needs should be a priority when you are just starting your online gambling journey.

Aside from the list of deposit and withdrawal options, the cashier typically has a History section where you can keep track of your financial transactions with the site. All of your deposits and payout requests will be stored here for easy access and review. In case of discrepancies, you can use the History records to support your claim.

The cashier is also where you can present your ID documents and files because it is the department that will be in charge of safekeeping them. Whenever you need to verify your identity for your banking transactions, the cashier will be the one to help facilitate this. Last but not the least, most sites provide links to websites and support guidelines for responsible gambling within the cashier. This is a good sign that the casino is also concerned for the welfare of its players. If your casino promotes responsible gaming, it means that it is a reliable and responsible entertainment platform.

Choosing A Deposit Method

One big challenge that all first-time players face is choosing the best deposit method for them. With the countless options out there, it really is hard to settle for one that will meet your needs and beat your expectations. In the US, about 90% of newbie punters prefer credit cards when making deposits. The most popular credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. The remaining 10% accounts for other payment options, including Western Union, MoneyGram, eCheck, and wire transfers.

You can assign your deposit method of choice at the cashier. Doing so will make it easy for you to seamlessly transfer funds and reload your account whenever you feel like playing. Some deposit methods are eligible for exclusive perks, so better check with your cashier if the one you are meaning to use has those. Most gambling sites offer sign-up bonuses and deposit match incentives for credit cards, Bitcoin, and other cryptos. If you have access to any of those, assigning them to be your deposit mode of choice can help you make the most out of your online gambling experience.

Aside from choosing your preferred deposit method of choice, the cashier will surely ask you to select your preferred currency when setting up your casino account. If you are in the US, be sure to set it to US dollar, so the conversion rates won’t mess up your casino balance. This will also ensure that your credit card or payment option of choice will only charge in the same currency. But if you are outside of the US and want to use a different currency, simply head to your profile settings and search for your desired currency there.

Depositing Casino Funds

After setting up your account and assigning your deposit method of choice, it’s about time for you to make your first deposit. The process of depositing casino funds is actually very easy, and you won’t have to break a sweat while doing so. To make a deposit, head to the cashier and click on the Deposit button. Enter the exact amount you want to transfer to your casino account. Just be sure that the amount will be enough to let you wager or play any casino game available on the site.

The cashier will be the one to notify you once you have successfully transferred funds to your casino account. Credit cards, cryptos, and other standard payment methods are capable of processing deposit transactions instantly. You won’t have to wait long to start playing in this case. In a blink of an eye, you will see funds from your credit card or crypto wallet move to your casino account. Don’t forget that first-time players are eligible for sign-up bonuses. Check with the cashier once your account has been granted exclusive perks.

Now that you have deposited casino funds to your account, the next step is to budget your funds accordingly. Having the right mindset and taking control of your expenses are keys to enjoying a health gaming relationship with your casino. As much as possible, manage the bankroll in such a way that you won’t end up going beyond your means. Setting a limit to your deposits can help you gamble responsibly. Depositing the minimum amount accepted by the casino is the safest way to start your online gambling journey and familiarize the playing for real money scenario. After a winning streak, be sure to collect your prize. Check out our guide to Withdrawing Winnings From an Online Casino to learn more.

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