• Setting up an account
  • Understanding bankroll reports
  • Withdrawing casino funds
  • Checking request status

Withdrawing funds from a casino account is a right all punters possess. Players should be allowed to collect their winnings whenever they wish to and as long as they meet the requirements for a withdrawal request. Online casinos have established policies for earnings and jackpot prizes. For first-time players, such policies could be overwhelming and confusing. You have come to the right place if you need help figuring out how to do financial transactions with your casino. 

Setting Up An Account

The moment you sign up for an online casino, you are given the opportunity to set up the payment options of your choice. Gambling sites vary in terms of the money-transfer services and banking modes they support. That is why it is crucial for you to do a thorough research before registering for a membership at a specific site. It would be troublesome to create an account at a casino that does not have the means to accept your deposit or allow your withdrawal of funds. Pay close attention to the payment options that are accessible to you when choosing a gambling site.

Online casinos tend to implement a very strict verification process that usually involves asking for proof of identification and permanent address. Be sure to secure all the necessary documents and files when signing up for a membership. Below are the four essential things that you need to prepare when setting up your casino account for a more seamless banking experience:

  • Valid ID/s or passport
  • Credit card, e-wallet, or other payment solution accounts
  • Service invoice or any proof of permanent address
  • Active email address for verification

Once you have all of the requirements, you are ready to make your casino profile and set up your banking options. Credit cards, especially Visa and Mastercard, are considered the best deposit options for first-time players. They are easy to use and very accessible to most online gambling sites. You can check out our comprehensive reports covering Visa Casinos and Mastercard Casinos to learn more about sites that support credit cards.

Understanding Bankroll Reports

Online gambling sites provide their clients with bankroll reports. This is to help them keep track of their funds when playing or claiming winnings. The bankroll report presents all of the important financial data, so punters can manage their funds efficiently. Therefore, it is a must to fully understand the different elements of a bankroll report, especially for individuals who want to play long term.

Bankroll reports may vary from one casino to another, but the different elements listed below are sure to be present in a standard report:

  • Cash balance – balance of “liquid” money available
  • Bonus balance – amount of money awarded as part of bonuses or promotions
  • Total balance – the sum of cash balance and bonus balance
  • Playthrough required – the wagering requirement for a bonus or promo
  • Playthrough achieved – bonuses that have been wagered
  • Bonus summary – detailed information on available bonus

Withdrawing Casino Funds

The withdrawal process is actually very simple once you have fully grasped the different elements of your bankroll report. You will know how much you are able to withdraw from your balance by just looking at the report. You can also concoct strategies that will allow you to make the most out of your bonus balance and cash balance. And you can also plan ahead if you intend to have another gaming session shortly after your previous session.

It is your job to go through the terms and conditions of your casino. This should actually be done before signing up. But if you registered without reading them, you will need to do so before transacting with the cashier. You will find very useful information about banking in the casino’s policy. The terms and conditions will tell you about the amount of money you are allowed to retrieve from your casino account and so much more. More often than not, neophytes find themselves struggling to claim their winnings because they are not aware of the minimum withdrawal limit or the cost of a banking transaction.

Once you are decided to withdraw funds from your account, go to the profile section of your casino’s website or app. Locate and press the cashier icon and select the withdrawal option. Enter the amount you intend to withdraw and choose the payment method of your choice. Be sure that the amount you are withdrawing is within your limit. Take into consideration the wagering requirements if you used promo codes or redeemed free spins for your gaming session. The last step is to submit your withdrawal request to the cashier.

Checking Request Status

Unlike deposit transactions that are almost always processed instantly, withdrawal transactions may take days or weeks depending on the payment method you used. This is where the importance of checking the status of payout requests comes in. All transactions with the cashier are backed up in the History feature of online casinos. This feature goes hand in hand with the bankroll report in helping players manage their funds and control their spending habits.

In the History tab, you will find all of the details of your banking transactions with the gambling site. If you find inconsistencies regarding your payment, you can use this feature to back your claim when raising your concern to the casino’s cashier or live support. Delays in your payouts will also be reflected in the tab, so this can help you decide if you intend to play at the casino long term.

Always check the status of your withdrawal request because this can help you prevent unwanted scenarios. We have heard stories of clients airing disappointed due to delays when in fact it was them who caused trouble to the casinos for encoding incorrect banking details. Take your time when submitting a payout request and always counter-check by viewing transaction details. This way you can instantly ask for assistance once you have spotted a mistake after submitting a request.

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