• Zone Poker defined
  • Advantages of Zone Poker
  • Zone Poker mechanics

If you want a poker experience like no other, then you better come prepared when you enter Ignition Casino’s Zone Poker. The game will give you an instant jolt of adrenaline because of its quick and continuous pace. This translates to playing faster hands and seeing more cards during each gaming session.

What Is Zone Poker?

The best way to define Zone Poker is to understand how it is played. Instead of the usual poker room where players spend time waiting for folded hands to end and new cards to be dealt, this game will let you switch to a new table with new players and new cards the moment you fold your hand at a Zone Poker table. This cuts the waiting time in between hands, allowing players to see more cards and play more.

So when you play this game for the first time, don’t be surprised when you fold your cards or the hand ends because the game will promptly show a sliding animation directing you to the next table right away. You need to be in the zone to enjoy the adrenaline rush this unique poker experience provides.

Advantages of Zone Poker

Now that it’s clear to you what Zone Poker is, you need to take note of the following benefits of the game in contrast to standard poker.

Time is gold. Ignition Casino knows this very well, so it is offering a poker experience that lets you play with more hands per hour. Due to the variation and the number of times you get to play, you get to protect yourself from downswings and minimize the chances of going bust.

If you are a novice player, Zone Poker is a good way to protect yourself from smart players who read other players’ tendencies and exploit them during the game. Since you are switching tables repeatedly, you do not get to sit at the same position all the time.

Because of its fast pacing, you get to enjoy a more standard and “balanced” gaming experience. Players do not have to think to much in between hands. The time you spend on thinking about tough decisions are also cut, lowering your chances of suffering from mental fatigue.

At the lower limits, the player pool is quite soft. You can take advantage of this by quickly observing who don’t have the tools to handle the gaming experience. Oftentimes, the game is frequented by recreational players, so this is a good opportunity if you know the mechanics of the game. Should you go for the higher limits, be sure to tread carefully.

Zone Poker Mechanics

A Zone Poker session only begins when the table is full. When the game starts, players are given only 15 seconds to act, which is half the time alloted during normal cash games. But then again, Zone Poker is a fast-paced game because its main mechanics allow players to see more hands.

In sum, Zone Poker is pretty much similar to the standard poker games. It only gives players more time to actually play instead of wasting time waiting on hands to end and new cards to be dealt. The speed of the game makes it exciting. So if you want to play poker without wasting time and enjoying more action, Zone Poker is the one for you.