• How to earn Tier Points?
  • Ignition Miles vs. Tier Miles
  • How to climb the loyalty ranks

Ignition Casino is one of the most generous brands in the online gambling industry at the moment. This is thanks to its rewards program that grants perks to players for staying loyal to its platform.

There is a reason why old and new casino and poker players keep coming back to Ignition for more action. Not only does the site reward points that can be converted to cash bonuses, it also gives away tier points that can help players elevate their status within the platform.

The tier points system has two main advantages. First, players can accumulate the points and exchange them for cash perks. At the same time, gaining more points can help players climb their way to the first-class membership status that unlocks various benefits.

How To Earn Tier Points?

The tier points at Ignition Casino are automatically added to players who check out and play the games available on the online gambling site. This means playing the games alone grants tier points. You don’t have to do anything because you are automatically enrolled in the online rewards program the moment you sign up for an account at the casino.

What Are Ignition Miles?

Technically speaking, the tier points players earn by playing at Ignition Casino are called Tier Miles. On the other hand, the regular points they get by playing online poker, slots, video poker, table games, and specialty games on the platform are called Ignition Miles. The number of Ignition Miles players earn depends on the game and tournament they are playing.

There is a point system for every type of game played. Playing bingo, keno and scratch cards grands 10 Ignition Miles for every $1 wagered. Slots give 3 Miles per $1 wagered. Table games reward 0.5 miles, while Thundercrash and video poker offer a one-to-one conversion for every dollar wagered.

Poker has the biggest advantage among all gaming categories. Players generate incentivies based on rake, fees, and buy-ins. For instance, 15 Ignition Miles are given for every $1 paid in rake and fees. Meanwhile, players get to claim 1.5 Ignition Miles for every $1 spent on buy-ins.

Ignition Miles vs. Tier Miles

It should not come as a surprise that players will get to earn the same number of Tier Miles as their Ignition Miles in their rewards account. This is because the mechanics to earn them are pretty much the same. You play at the casino to get both points.

However, Ignition strategically came up with its two-point system to keep the gaming experience more interesting. While the Ignition Miles can be used as a currency in the Ignition Rewards Store, the Tier Miles can be used to improve one’s membership status within the casino’s tier system.

What Are The Eight Tiers of Membership?

Ignition Casino’s Tier Miles system is what makes playing on the online platform long-term worth it. The system is divided into eight tiers, and each one gives access to exclusive perks. Every membership level has a unique redemption rate for the Ignition Miles, so aiming for the top will make it easy for you to take advantage of the Ignition Rewards Store.

The different tiers at Ignition Casino are as follows: Steel, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Diamond. Steel’s redemption rate is 2,500 Miles to $1. Chrome’s rate is $2,250 Miles to $1. The value of Miles decreases, which is actually a good thing when it’s time to convert the Miles to cash bonuses. Diamond, being the highest, has a 1,000 Miles is to $1 redemption rate.

What Are Ignition’s Casino Bonuses?

The cash bonuses Ignition Casino offers are strategically designed to boost the bankroll. Once you have accumulated enough Miles, you can exchange them for cash bonuses that you can use when playing again at the casino, increasing your chances of playing longer and winning big. Just don’t forget to use your Miles because they have a 12-month expiration after earning them.

How To Climb The Loyalty Ranks?

Again, the Tier Miles and Ignition Miles are earned at the same time. The Tier Miles will be the one to help you climb the eight-level loyalty ranks at Ignition Casino. The moment you sign up for a membership, you are automatically assigned to the Steel tier, which does not have a Tier Miles requirement to join.

You can slowly climb up as you play along and generate more Tier Miles. Chrome requires 2,500 Tier Miles, followed by Bronze with 10,000 and Silver with 60,000. On the other hand, Gold requires 150,000 Tier Miles, while Platinum needs at least 500,000 Tier Miles to unlock. For the very dedicated players, they can join the Titanium rank by accumulating 1,000,000 Tier Miles. At the top of the rankings is Diamond, which has a 2,500,000 Tier Miles requirement.