The Ignition Rewards Program is undeniably one of the best in the online gambling business. It’s no secret that old and new players keep coming back to Ignition Casino because of the site’s exciting rewards system.

Ignition’s Rewards System

Unlike its rival casinos, Ignition offers more than just rewards points that can be converted into cash bonuses. The site actually has a “tier” system in place that players can climb up the more rewards points they earn. Elevating one’s status is advantageous for regular casino and poker players at the site.

The two-way system of rewards is ideal for punters who want more out of thier usual gambling experience. One way leads them to cash bonuses, which could be quite exciting when there’s a lot to redeem. Another way leads them to becoming a first-class member of the casino, which unlocks more benefit and promos.

Accumulating points is easy at Ignition Casino. By simply playing games on the digital platform, players can automatically earn points. This is because each player is automatically enrolled to the rewards program the moment they sign up for a membership. Earning points starts on the first day punters play at the site.

Ignition Miles vs. Tier Miles

Technically speaking, the points earned at Ignition Casino are called Miles. That’s why players receive Ignition Miles and Tier Miles as part of the two-way rewards program. Both types of points can be earned by playing online poker, slots, video poker, table games, and specialty games. Note that the number of points will depend on the game and tournament one is playing.

If you are serious about climbing the tier system or unlocking more cash bonuses, you need to know the conversion rates for the Miles. Check out the simple breakdown of points below.

  • Specialty Games – 10 Miles/$1 wagered
  • Slots – 3 Miles/$1 wagered
  • Table Games – 0.5 Miles/$1 wagered
  • Video Poker – 1 Mile/$1 wagered

Meanwhile, different rules apply to poker since the rewards are based on rake, fee and buys-in.

  • Cash Games – 15 Miles/$1 paid in rake & fees
  • Tournaments – 15 Miles/$1 paid in rake & fees
  • Jackpot Sit & Go – 1.5 MIles/$1 spent on buys-in

Ignition Miles and Tier Miles co-exist in a way that one can only exist when the other also exists. Upon signing up, players can earn Ignition Miles that will coincide with their Tier Miles. However, each has different uses on the online gambling platform.

While Ignition Miles expire 12 months after, Tier Miles don’t expire. This means players will never lose their status on the site upon reaching it through point accumulation. Another distinction is that Ignition Converted Miles can be used to purchase stuff at Ignition’s Rewards Store, including casino bonuses and poker tournament tickets.

Understanding Ignition & Tier Miles

The Tier Miles system has eight levels of membership, giving players different types of access to Ignition’s casino rewards for every tier. Every tier has its own conversion for the accumulated points. Higher tiers get to reap more rewards, of course.

Membership LevelMiles to $ Conversion
Steel2,500 Miles = $1
Chrome2,250 Miles = $1
Bronze2,000 Miles = $1
Silver1,750 Miles = $1
Gold1,500 Miles = $1
Platinum1,350 Miles = $1
Titanium1,000 Miles = $1
Diamond1,000 Miles = $1

But then again, to enjoy the benefits of Ignition Miles, players must first quality for the different tiers using Tier Miles. Having the required number of points help ensure one gets to the higher levels of the site’s rewards system. See below for the different Tier Miles required to unlock the membership levels.

Membership LevelTier Miles Needed

One thing important to note is that Ignition gives an incentive to poker players; they are automatically assign to Chrome level. As part of this perk, members of this tier can join the weekly $2,500 freeroll tournaments. Meanwhile, those who manage to reach the Diamond tier get exclusive birthday bonuses and rewards.