Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, thanks to the advancements in handheld technologies and devices. Per the latest statistics, almost 3 billion people worldwide play or have access to mobile games. On both iOS and Android platforms, a significant number of apps are for gaming. As such, mobile games dominate the revenue shares of the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store yearly. 

In this day and age, everyone seems unwilling to leave their homes without their smartphones or tablets at hand. These mobile devices have become a necessity for most people that it would be a struggle not to have them at hand while commuting, working, and doing just about anything. Unsurprisingly, mobile devices have also become access tools for online casinos trying to expand their reach in the growing market of virtual punters.

What Are Mobile Casinos?

Like online casinos, mobile casinos are based on the premise of online gambling. However, they are doing a way with the more traditional PC or desktop setup and instead focus on handheld and portable devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other smart gadgets with display.

Mobile casinos currently constitute a small portion of the mobile gaming industry. But that is understandable considering that this industry is fairly newly. Compared to online or desktop casinos that started before the turn of the century, mobile casinos have not been around for more than a decade. In fact, only a few online casinos have come up with their standalone mobile apps for smartphones and tablets thus far.

Mobile vs. Browser

While one could argue that mobile casinos are not needed because most online casinos have been optimized for mobile browsing, the fact that mobile casinos exist speaks volumes about the different functions and features they offer. Online casinos act as web apps that can be accessed via the internet browser and can adopt to whatever device they are viewed on. This means they are unable to run and function without the browser. Contrariwise, mobile apps live and run on the device itself.

Apps are actually applications that can be downloaded and installed on any supported mobile device. Rather than rendering the user interface via a browser, mobile apps can standalone and serve the full experience while they are open and running. Mobile apps may pull additional content and data from the internet like standard websites, but they are capable of delivering the full service without doing any of those.

Are Mobile Casinos Legal?

Mobile casinos are legal, especially the ones from established online casino brands. Apps go through a screening process before they are allowed into the app stores. And since these apps involve money, Google and Apple are likely to exert more effort in evaluating them for public release. However, the apps may be inaccessible to certain states where online gambling is not allowed.

Do Mobile Casinos Involve Real Money?

For the most part, mobile casinos work like their desktop counterparts. They offer the standard casino services and a library of games that include slots, table games, poker, and many more. It is not uncommon for these mobile casinos to offer trial versions and demos. But it goes without saying that they are designed for real money gaming. In fact, you will be asked to provide banking details when setting up an account on the mobile casino apps.