Edwin Castro, the man who claimed the historic $2 billion Powerball jackpot, may not be the real winner after all after a man who claims to have purchased the winning ticket last year surfaced and filed a lawsuit against him. 

Jose Rivera has filed a civil complaint in Alhambra Superior Court claiming that he is the rightful winner of the massive jackpot. According to him, someone stole the winning ticket from him and somehow landed at the hands of Castro. 

California’s gargantuan Powerball jackpot was won last year. Castro claimed the record-setting prize in February, saying he would gladly accept a lump sum payment of $997.6 million, NBC News reported. 

But now Rivera does not want Castro to bring home the winnings. He identified the latter in his lawsuit, alongside the California State Lottery Commission, the state of California and another man named Urachi F. Romero, whom he accused of stealing the ticket from him. 

Rivera said he bought the winning ticket at Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, California, on Nov. 7 — just a day before the draw. He alleged Romero stole it from him the same day but did not give specific details on the incident. 

He allegedly tried to persuade Romero to return his ticket, but the latter denied that it was the winning ticket. Romero also allegedly told him that if he found the ticket, they should split the winnings 50/50. 

Rivera had requested the California Lottery to preserve all footage of him purchasing the winning ticket at Joe’s Service Center. In his suit, he claimed to have suffered emotional damages, among other things because of the incident.  

Per the California State Lottery Commission, they followed a vetting process to ensure that the winning ticket and claim were legitimate. They also announced Castro as the winner. 

An attorney for Castro has already filed a motion to quash service of summons. A hearing was also set for July 19 on the motion.